Ganesh Pyne Art Exhibition

Date : 31-08-2014
Date : 06-10-2014
Venue : Aakar Prakar Art Gallery, 29 Huaz Khas Village

Reena & Abhijit Lath invite you to the opening of AkarPrakar Art Advisory at 1st floor, 29 Hauz Khas Village New Delhi 110016Presenting exclusive works by Ganesh Pyne.

About the artist's work
Ganesh Pyne's life-long engagement with the idea of lonesome being's losingencounter with unknown terror of death is an inevitable staff of concern ofmythologies across cultures. Yet, it is almost impossible to trace mythography(in the sense of graphic representation of a pre-existing mythological text) inany of Pyne's work. However, the visual narration he constructs, by orderingmetaphorical images, strongly suggest, howsoever distantly it is, ofassociations of several mythologies, at the same time. It is because Pyne'snarratives are resultant of mythopoeic imagination.

About Akar Prakar
Akar Prakar, is an open - air, display friendly art gallery. Reena and AbhijitLath bring to it three generations of art insight. It has supported fledgingartists and has featured several seniors. The gallery is open to all medium ofexpression, without restricting itself to only paintings. Therefore, hostingsculpture shows, installations, photography & prints expositions too. AkarPrakar strives to make a difference in its projection of contemporary Indianart, not only through its many shows with museums and institutions, but alsothrough its catalogues, art journals and books on important artists and of late,is realizing the necessity of going beyond the frontiers of the country andcooperating with kindred organizations, to showcase works of significantartists from India.

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